Jun 11 2013

Nice to see you’ve finally arrived!

Welcome to TheLateGamer.com. The place where it’s fine to be late on playing last year’s
triple-A games, and waiting until next year to catch up on today’s releases.


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Aug 21 2017

Late Pokémon X (& Y) Review

This is it. Finally, a fully fledged 3D Pokémon rpg that I’ve been waiting for since childhood – that was 20 years ago! Now all I’ve got to do is just catch up on 20 years of Pokem… 850 fucking Pokémon species! I’d rather pick up a book and learn about the real animal kingdom!

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Aug 19 2017

Late Assassins Creed Unity Review

Don’t do it. Do not do this to yourself. Don’t waste your time on this absolute piece of shit, no longer having any relevance in the overall AC universe since they killed Desmond off. It’s nothing but 80 hours of collectables and a story that makes you want to blow your brains out.

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Aug 15 2017

Late Beyond Good And Evil Review

In anticipation for Beyond Good And Evil 2, which isn’t slated for release until 2019, I wanted to get an idea of what the game universe was about by booting up the original game that started a fan cult. It certainly does have a charm to it that still shines even 13 years after release.

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Aug 09 2017

Late Pony Island Review

I don’t feel that my brain has enough of those neurons needed to comprehend the inner meaning of this ominous game. At times I thought I had genuinely been hacked, at times I made mistakes I knew I was going to regret, the rest of the time I didn’t think I was going to escape the 9 circles of HELL.

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Aug 07 2017

Late Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Review

What a fantastic gem for the original DS console. This is something I’ve been wanting to play for a very long time, having tried the demo a while back. I love the DS for allowing such innovative games in a market that’s become stale with mainstream genres, scared to try something a little different.

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Aug 06 2017

Late Rise Of The Tomb Raider Review

This did feel more of an expansion pack to Tomb Raider rather than stand on it’s own two feet, not really introducing any new game mechanics, with simplistic puzzles and enemies as well as a story that was both predictable and lackluster, but those graphics still shone through.

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Jul 09 2017

Massive Savings over at Kinguin.net!

Fellow Late Gamers,

TheLateGamer.com is proud to announce that we are now affiliated with Kinguin.net, where you can find some brilliant savings on the biggest, latest blockbusters and close to my heart, even bigger savings on the year old, ‘late’ games.

This is a win-win situation for all our readers, giving you honest, down-to-the-point reviews inline with massive savings.

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Jul 04 2017

Late Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Review

Mario & Luigi are back in action, as the two take on Antasma, an evil bat who wants to steal the Dream stone from the Pi’illos, a race that resemble pillows who allow Mario to jump into Luigi’s dreams, where Luigi can become a Gundam. And I’ve not even taken any mushrooms yet!

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Jul 03 2017

Late Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter Review

I was looking forward to this latest iteration in the Sherlock Holmes game series developed by Frogwares. There is an improvement in graphics, some interesting cases, and an all round well-intentioned game up until you complete the game after only 3 cases and feel ripped off.

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Jul 03 2017

Late Watch Dogs 2 Review

Did the Ubisoft developers watch the 3 videos I did on the bugs in the original Watch Dogs, ensuring not a single one appeared, whilst adding eye boggling graphics, a story that makes you think, and has become a surprise hit in my books. Literally and metaphorically.

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