Jun 11 2013

Nice to see you’ve finally arrived!

Welcome to TheLateGamer.com. The place where it’s fine to be late on playing last year’s
triple-A games, and waiting until next year to catch up on today’s releases.


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Dec 13 2021

Late PS5 Review – Not A Boast…

Not a boast, just a fact that I’ve owned a disc edition PS5 for awhile now at retail price. So get over it already, just cos you’re all stuck on 8 year old PS Four/Poor garbage (FYI, I have only a mattress and TV on the floor of my room, currently eating out of a tin of beans heated over a tea light candle).

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Dec 13 2021

Late Immortals Fenyx Rising Review

A love letter to a goddess out of my league. Whilst Fenyx (female avatar) may just be a figment of some writer’s imagination, she reminded me of a good friend of mine, whom under different circumstances, I would have asked out years ago. It was nice to feel close to her again.

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Mar 15 2020

Late Mouse Review – Tecknet Wireless Pro

I’ll attempt to keep this review as minimal as possible, free from being bloated with BS to justify its existence and stick to the facts, hopefully reflecting what this mouse stands for as compared to ‘ultimate’ gaming mice on the market, which are blown out of proportion as performance enhancing game changers, to justify their ridiculous pricing, which I’ve sadly fallen for a good few times now.

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Mar 15 2020

Late Keyboard Review – SteelSeries Apex 300

Very basic and cheapish gaming keyboard, which for 30 quid at the time, having dropped from 60, can’t really complain when you’re getting a backlit keyboard with a plethora of macro keys.

Now my requirements for a gaming keyboard are that the keys are low profile, backlit and membrane switch, hence why I went with this keyboard as my daily driver. I also want soft, smooth and quiet operation whilst being immersed in my games. I wouldn’t really say this keyboard has any of these qualities.

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Dec 31 2019

Late Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Review

“His real name is Mihaly Dumitru Margareta Conreliu Leopold Blanca Karol Aeon Ignatius Raphael Maria Niketas A. Shilage.” I think I’ll just call him Micha for short.

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Dec 30 2019

Late My Friend Pedro Review

Pedro, your friend in the game, is… how should I put this… is a banana. A fucking banana. A talking, flying, perfectly ripe banana for that fact. A banana that trains you in the most efficient ways of killing gangsters and rednecks. A banana that knows you better than you know yourself.

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Dec 07 2019

Late Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Review

Pretty much a heavyweight contender for Game of the Decade, this has been an absolute mesmerising playthrough from start to finish. You would do well to find a fault with this game, like who doesn’t enjoy shield surfing!

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Jul 01 2018

Late Infamous 1 & 2 Review

A series that I’ve been wanting to play for a while having since played Infamous: First Light, which I thought was great for making the most of a gaming platform about having supernatural powers in a city setting. So before starting Second Son, I wanted to see where it all began with the PS3 originals.

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May 20 2018

Late God Of War Review

Having seen the hype over the recent reboot of God Of War, whilst watching some of my favourite YouTubers playthrough it, I thought it was a good opportunity to see where the franchise started playing the PS3 HD release of the original.

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May 07 2018

Late Detective Pikachu Review

Who’s that Pokemon? No, it’s not a naked streaker, it’s a Pikachu wearing a trench coat. It’s the most cutest thing ever! But is it the best game ever? Well no, but definitely best 3DS game ever… Nope. It’s not even a good detective game, but atleast it’s insightful into the Pokemon world.

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