Jun 01 2017

Late Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Review

Let’s first address the elephant in the room. Yes, the game’s trailer is still the 2nd most disliked video on YouTube and yes, I did jump on the hilarious bandwagon at the time in disliking it, but having since played it, now regret putting down one of the best COD games released in aeons.

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May 05 2017

Late Zero Time Dilemma Review

This is the third and final installment in the Zero Escape trilogy. I can’t say I played the first game, I enjoyed that of what I played in the second title, though my 20-hour save file corrupted, but having got the gist of the story, was willing to give the third one a try. It’s certainly playable.

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May 05 2017

A Love/Hate Relationship with GTX 970 SLI

I was none other than seriously p*ssed whilst playing Far Cry 4 a few years back on my newly purchased GTX 970, an upgrade from my year old GTX 770, only for the game to micro stutter. The micro-stuttering was all down to the fact that Nvidia had cheaped out, instead of installing 4GB of DDR5 VRAM, had only used 3.5GB of DDR5 and topped it off with 0.5GB of DDR3 memory, memory that was pulling the rest of the VRAM down. An absolute joke of a card, which I recommend that you purchase one today!

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Apr 26 2017

Kids To Censor Themselves?

I’m an advocate for enforcing censoring and ensuring that young people aren’t exposed to materials that are deemed unsuitable for them, usually so they don’t grow up with some mental disorder. With video games, there is a big difference between a game for 7-year-olds with bright colours and whimsical characters, and an 18+ game that encourages to butcher people up and uses the acts of committing crimes as an objective.

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Apr 25 2017

Late McPixel Review

What can I say about a game that doesn’t have much of a derivative to it. All you do is click around the screen and watch an animation. A game that should take no more than a few hours to 100% complete, instead took me 4 years, putting me to sleep every time I booted it up. What can I say?

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Everything Wrong With Mirrors Edge Catalyst In Under A Minute!

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My Misadventures In DA: Inquisition

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Apr 21 2017

Late Dragon Age Inquisition Review

As with DA2, Inquisition isn’t quite like its predecessors with plenty of jarring differences but at least amazing graphics. You’d be best off thinking of this as a 60 hour dating sim in which you’re going to experience a lot of rejection, increasing the protagonist’s blue balls bursting stat.

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Apr 15 2017

Late Epistory Review

I got this in the recent Humble Bundle for peanuts and vaguely remember it being mentioned on the Internet when it was first released. Just don’t make the same mistake I made thinking that Epistory stands for Epic Story and also that the game would be any good.

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Mar 31 2017

Late Pokémon Trading Card Game Review

What I believe to be a hidden gem for the Gameboy Color system, overlooked by the regular Pokémon rpg games of the time, Pokémon Trading Card Game was a great game encouraging strategic thought development using Pokémon cards I didn’t have to pay for.

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