Apr 14 2016

Late Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review

Wow. What a rollercoaster ride this has been for my emotions. Set 150 years in the future, most of humanity has been wiped out after a global war, yet the remnants of society and war remain, including homicidal robots.

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Feb 15 2016

Late… Early Fallout 4 Review

I pre-ordered the Pip Boy edition of this game, having been so impressed with Fallout New Vegas. November came, my package arrived, I opened the box, a choir sung as I equipped the Pip Boy, installed the game on my space scrutinizing SSD, then didn’t bother to play until late January.

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Jul 21 2015

Late The Wolf Among Us Review

Have you ever heard of the BIG BAD WOLF, because you certainly haven’t heard about this one. Prepare to be shocked and moved by another Telltale classic as this adult fairy tale drags you kicking and screaming through the filth and dirt of this not so happily ever graphic novel adaption.

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Feb 21 2015

Late Far Cry 4 Review

I want to stress right now, this is basically just a 40+ hour DLC for Far Cry 3. Not much in way of story, essentially it’s just the same old kill wave after wave of enemies whilst protecting incompetent villagers and capturing bases using any sniper rifle means possible.

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Jan 08 2015

Late Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Review

I originally received this game Christmas 2011 on the Xbox 360 and it quite simply blew my mind. Firstly, because they were offering this game a month after release at a mere £20 and secondly, because this was the best game to be released for the previous generation of consoles.

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Mar 15 2014

Late ‘Late’ Final Fantasy XIII Review

So whilst I play through Lightning Returns, that was released last month, I thought I would provide a rather later than normal review of the first game in the 13th series of the Final Fantasy franchise.

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Mar 13 2014

Late… or perhaps Early South Park: Stick of Truth Review

Now, just so you know, I am a huge fan of South Park. I’ve watched all the episodes and think it’s the best adult cartoon on air (American Dad comes a close second), which is why this is going to make it quite hard to write this honest review.

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Aug 15 2013

Late Fallout: New Vegas Review

This has been such a brilliant and fun game. Having taken just over a year of steady playing to complete, this has hooked me into the Fallout series. With so many places to explore, and many quests to complete, this game has been a treasure trove of radioactive goodies.

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Jun 20 2013

Late Assassins Creed 3 Review

I picked up a copy of AC3 free with the purchase of my gaming PC in December as part of a NVIDIA GeForce deal at the time. Within minutes of the PC having arrived, I installed this straight on to it, throwing myself straight into the amazing graphics the GTX 680 was pumping out.

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Jun 12 2013

Late Assassins Creed Revelations Review

Did I have to ram this down my throat just so I could go ahead with playing Assassins Creed 3 without feeling that I was going to miss out on Assassins Creed lore? Yep, pretty much. Did I enjoy it? We’ll have to see about that. Did I cry to the Embers video sequel? A little doesn’t really count.

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