Mar 15 2020

Late Mouse Review – Tecknet Wireless Pro

I’ll attempt to keep this review as minimal as possible, free from being bloated with BS to justify its existence and stick to the facts, hopefully reflecting what this mouse stands for as compared to ‘ultimate’ gaming mice on the market, which are blown out of proportion as performance enhancing game changers, to justify their ridiculous pricing, which I’ve sadly fallen for a good few times now.

The Tecknet M003 is a wireless mouse, with low latency with the receiver 1m in range, maximum range being 15m. It takes 2 AAA batteries, adding some weight to it’s backside, which gives the mouse a good feel to pick up and move around on the desk. The mouse is of medium size, styled to be used in a claw fashion with the right hand. There is a rubber grip along the left side for your thumb, with two buttons located above this for going backwards and forwards in browsers. The scroll-wheel has a good feel to it, and scrolls a good number of lines on screen by default. There is also a dpi button on top that will swap between 5 modes, going upto 2600dpi. There is a low battery indicator in the bottom left corner of the left side of the mouse, which will also flash the dpi setting you’re on when you wake the mouse up.

The mouse goes to sleep after about an hour, having to click a button to wake it up. Every key press registers fine, and the tracking of the movement is spot on. I have had premium gaming mice in the past which puts the sensor to one side of the mouse, so movement of the hand is recorded weirdly as I pivot my hand on the desk etc. The sensor on this mouse is relatively close to the center, just a little askewed to the side, but I have not had an issue with this being translated in games when tracking my movements.

There are 3 teflon feet on the bottom, which slides fine on most surfaces. I would say it’s missing one on the right hand side of the mouse, as there is a little wobble to the mouse side-to-side, and I find that that side of the mouse tends to scratch up dirt from the desk (which probably says more about my desk than the mouse). There is no RGB to this mouse, as essentially it’s regarded more as an office mouse than gaming mouse, which I do have one at my desk at work, but for home use, it’s been top notch playing shooters at 144fps.

The mouse can come in various colours from Amazon. There is also a wired option available, which I also have one of to save on batteries, but I find as with previous mice, the cord tends to catch on the edge of the desk, which is always annoying when the cable has set into shape, having hanged over the desk for months and is pulled up against the edge; Plus the batteries are yet to be changed after year and half usage, so I’m not too worried on that front of decimating the environment for ease of use of the wireless functionality. There are also slightly altered designs of the mouse available from Tecknet, probably revised designs, which are either a few mm larger or have different styled buttons. And if you so desired, they also have a programmable gaming range for a few quid more, including bundles with keyboards.

I’ve bought a number of these mice now for various locations in my house and workplace, satisfied with performance and the fantastic value, costing only £7.20.

That’s correct, £7.20. Not £72 that any other manufacturer will try to pull the wool over your eyes on, with practically no difference in style or performance. At the end of the day, a mouse is a mouse. Whilst everyone else will use the cost and brand of their equipment as a ego boost, in which nobody usually sees their setup anyway due to being introverts, I’m more than happy enough to boast about the value of this fantastic, wireless mouse. I even have to give a shoutout to the 2.4GHz receiver, as I love the design of the pattern of the plastic.

Tecknet for me appear to be on the rise with affordable consumer tech that brings basic concepts back to norm. I’ve also got a HDMI switch of theirs, which is wrapped up in a lovely steel case and feels fantastic, though just sits on my TV console. 8 quid for a simple device that has a great build quality and does its job. Plus I’ve got a well performing USB 3.0 hub with Ethernet of theirs. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out for any future Tecknet releases, and they will be my first port of call for peripherals.

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Tecknet M003

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