Jul 01 2018

Late Infamous 1 & 2 Review

A series that I’ve been wanting to play for a while having since played Infamous: First Light, which I thought was great for making the most of a gaming platform about having supernatural powers in a city setting. So before starting Second Son, I wanted to see where it all began with the PS3 originals.

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May 20 2018

Late God Of War Review

Having seen the hype over the recent reboot of God Of War, whilst watching some of my favourite YouTubers playthrough it, I thought it was a good opportunity to see where the franchise started playing the PS3 HD release of the original.

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May 07 2018

Late Detective Pikachu Review

Who’s that Pokemon? No, it’s not a naked streaker, it’s a Pikachu wearing a trench coat. It’s the most cutest thing ever! But is it the best game ever? Well no, but definitely best 3DS game ever… Nope. It’s not even a good detective game, but atleast it’s insightful into the Pokemon world.

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Feb 02 2018

Late Abyss Odyssey Review

A game that only takes a few hours to complete, running through procedurally generated, repetitive dungeons, going further into the abyss to find the Warlock, who’s nightmares plague the inhabitants above. In other words, a really boring experience and a waste of time.

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Jan 29 2018

Late BlazeRush Review

If anyone can remember the classic Micro Machines racing games for the Sega Megadrive, in which you would race from a top down perspective, knocking your opponents off the track, then BlazeRush is a modern equivalent minus the miniature toy theme.

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Jan 27 2018

Late Super Motherload Review

This maybe seen as some sort of clone to SteamWorld Dig (which there seems to be a cult following of), but with the inclusion of 4 player co-op and a vehicle that flies, it’s quite a fun indie take on digging through Mars’ crusts to uncover the mystery of the red planet.

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Jan 21 2018

Late X-Men Origins: Wolverine Review

It had originally been ages since I had watched the X-Men Origins: Wolverine film, but as I had just watched the new Logan movie teary eyed, I fancied playing this game next from my back log of PS3 games. Dust off your PS3, this is a must play!

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Jan 14 2018

Late Nier Review

At first, I had a lot to say about this game, mostly positive remarks. I was initially impressed by how it played and the direction of the story, but after numerous playthroughs thanks to multiple endings, I’m resigned to saying that the game feels half-finished.

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Jan 07 2018

Late Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review

Welcome back Spidey-fans, to another amazing web-slinging adventure of not one, but four of our favourite hero, split across time and space, as The Amazing Spiderman and alternative versions team up to take on the might of Mysterio and co, powered by the power of a mysterious tablet.

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Dec 10 2017

Late Call Of Juarez: Bound In Blood Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had momentarily played a Juarez game previously, resembling an arcade shoot-em up with cardboard cutouts, but having seen true 3D models in the screenshots, I was intrigued. So it was a nice surprise to find myself on the frontlines of the American Civil war.

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