Dec 31 2019

Late Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Review

“His real name is Mihaly Dumitru Margareta Conreliu Leopold Blanca Karol Aeon Ignatius Raphael Maria Niketas A. Shilage.” I’ll just call him Micha for short.

The campaign blows and I can’t be bothered to play multiplayer after Infinity. Thanks for reading my half-assed review.

I just can’t get over how bad the cringey dialogue in-flight and during cutscenes were for this game. Plus they’re referencing characters and events from games I played decades ago on different hardware, with no modern equivalent to replay today, the story just fell to pieces due to player memory, shit character development and BS anime tropes.

Basically, last campaign of the AC series I played was 5 on the PS2 around 2005. Nearly 15 years ago. At the time as a lad, I was astounded by the graphics, as was things back then, it looked so lifelike and played like a high-tech simulator. The story felt fine, I could follow it, I liked the graphics of the cut-scenes and how the mission briefings were giving. Having just watched back some gameplay footage, I can recall that you were able to have some dialogue input during the mission with your comrades by selecting a pre-designated message with the d-pad. Plus you could also assign the jets for your entire squadron, making sure you had enough fire power for the mission ahead, which all together made your kinship with your squad mates just that bit more personal.

Well jump to 2019 and Unknown Skies just can’t hold a candle to 5’s light. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are certainly a bump up, but to be honest, even they aren’t anywhere near of what I have come to expect from this generation of graphics. The textures of planes and landmasses were just a smudge of low res pixels, with no hi-res pack available for this PC port. The graphics resembled Assault Horizon from years back with google watermarked imported satellite topography. I am gutted I ended up getting the game on PC rather than PS4, due to the cheaper price at the time, as I would have like to experienced these ‘short’ PSVR missions, which initially got me excited about this release in the first place.

I don’t really know where to start or finish with this review, as I really don’t want to spend anymore time recounting the missions and cutscenes that the developers forgot to supply me with a gun for to blow my brains out. There’s nothing new, shoot down planes (fair enough, that’s the aim of the arcade game), big shielded planes and boss bandits that require 30+ fireworks to take down. It would help if your squad could get at least have one kill between them, if that’s not too much to ask for. I’m up there doing all the work, taking out 80+ targets like it’s a normal day in the office. The game should be putting this across that that’s an exception, that you’re lucky to be returning from these runs alive, but nope, onto the next one already. Really though, the squad who liked the sound of their voice, were absolutely pointless, not even taking targets off you, which in fucking AC5, you could at least give formation commands to your squad. This is just so much of a step back in gameplay mechanics, it’s practically criminal charging players for a game that feels half finished, sold on nostalgia and previous achievements of actual gaming accomplishments.

The one thing that makes this game look any good, watching back the replay of my awesome evasive manoeuvres, unless screen captured at the time, can not be saved for future replays/camera edits as in previous games. Imbeciles.

I now have to find another game lying around here to finish 2019/teens decade on a positive.

“Hey, Trigger, you dumbass. Tell me something. What color’s the sky up there.” Blue, it’s fucking blue. Maybe a dark blue, but fucking blue. Look up Rayleigh scattering, fucking invalid. Don’t call me, the hero of the decade, a dumbass; you stupid bitch.


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