Jul 09 2017

Massive Savings over at Kinguin.net!

Fellow Late Gamers,

TheLateGamer.com is proud to announce that we are now affiliated with Kinguin.net, where you can find some brilliant savings on the biggest, latest blockbusters and close to my heart, even bigger savings on the year old, ‘late’ games. Of course, you will want to check the reviews back here at TheLateGamer.com to make sure it’s definitely for you, potentially saving you even more money!

This is a win-win situation for all our readers, giving you honest, down-to-the-point reviews inline with massive savings.

You can jump over to Kinguin.net very easily from anywhere on our website, simply by clicking the link on the right, and more interestingly, we have interactive widgets situated at the top and bottom of reviews with which you can search for games directly, those either mentioned in the review as well as anything off the top of your head, in which you will see instant search results of the savings that can be acquired over at Kinguin. They cater to most platforms, so whether wanting a copy of a game on PC or on Xbox, it’s always worthwhile just to do a quick search, ensuring you save a couple of quid.

Best of all, by using┬áthe promo code THELATEGAMER at checkout, you’ll receive an extra 3% discount off your purchases. What’s not to love!

As for the penguin mascot, it’s absolutely adorable.

For anyone interested in joining the affilation programme with Kinguin, can you please make sure to refer [email protected] as this goes towards supporting the TheLateGamer.com. TheLateGamer.com is not responsible or liable for any purchases made at Kinguin.net. Any issues with purchases are to be directed to the Kinguin.net support team.

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