Jul 21 2015

Late The Wolf Among Us Review

Have you ever heard of the BIG BAD WOLF, because you certainly haven’t heard about this one. Prepare to be shocked and moved by another Telltale classic as this adult fairy tale drags you kicking and screaming through the filth and dirt of this not so happily ever graphic novel adaption.

I want to be very tight lipped about this story as I want to ensure that you can experience every second of tension, shock and drama first hand whilst not waiting for the one scene I blab about in this article to appear in the game, taking your attention from the rest of the game. What I will say is that the story is tremendous, being played out over 5 episodes in Telltales usual fashion, which are available to be purchased together at a reasonable price now on all good platforms.

The art style, similar to The Walking Dead game series, is cel shaded, with pretty much the same level of high detail scattered in the backgrounds and objects. The gameplay is again pretty much the same, with point and click, being able to select multiple options and quick button reactions in action scenes. I would say there is less interaction with the game compared to The Walking Dead, and felt there were more story scenes driven by the npcs than by the player. Also, options that would be remembered by npcs, that are supposed in some way to have an effect on an outcome later on in the game, don’t actually feel to have as great an impact as expected. Of course, I only played through the entire game once, and so have no idea what the alternative outcomes were, but I doubt I missed much.

The voice acting is amazing, very believable, Mr Toad is humorous at times with his language. I’m trying to let you make your own mind up about the protagonist Bigby, but I have to say that I thought he was pretty cool. The story is weird, dark and full of fairytale lore, all fitting together nicely and making plenty of fictional sense.

At the end of each episode, the game again displays the stats of the choices made by the community. It seems that I was mostly in the minority for most choices, but I think that’s just because everyone else was playing it wrong. At the end of the game, you are left on some sort of cliffhanger, that I’ve yet to get my head around still. I am looking forward to a second series, but having been very sneaky and checked up on the graphic novel that the game is based on, as much as a sequel is very possible, the direction the graphic novels takes seemed to me to be quite far apart from where this game is currently at. Telltale though have been releasing episodes in the mean time for Game of Thrones and Borderlands, and even though at first I was apprehensive about them creating side storyline arcs for these two features that I absolutely love, I’m sure Telltale games have done a brilliant job yet again as proven with The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us.

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