Aug 09 2017

Late Pony Island Review

I don’t feel that my brain has enough of those neurons needed to comprehend the inner meaning of this ominous game. At times I thought I had genuinely been hacked, at times I made mistakes I knew I was going to regret, the rest of the time I didn’t think I was going to escape the 9 circles of hell.

I picked up my copy of Pony Island for free over at Humble Bundle, which you can also do up until 22nd August (2017).

I completed the game in a coupe of hours, but that’s not to say that it’s short of content. Jumping into this game with the idea that I might experience some purposeful glitching was my only knowledge of what was to come. As a heads up, you’ll be taking on the likes of the devil in disguise, logic errors, ponies that can fly whilst shooting lasers, plus Evil/Good Jesus (you decide on which). This horror game that initially tries to hid behind a cutesy version of itself, has an unknown protagonist playing an arcade game that is on the fritz (quite literally as the internals at one point break down and your having to play the game on a slant).

The glitches that transpire in the game make you to believe that your crashing into a genuine desktop environment that the game provides, where you have to find clues to progress. Some of these glitches will also try to mess with your mind and catch you out, which is all I will say about that. There are puzzles at every corner, and if you’re lucky, may also find hidden tickets hidden behind hidden puzzles. I only managed to acquire 10 tickets in my playthrough, though you’ll need to find all 25 to unlock the super secret ending. As I’m not really one to refer to online guides, I decided against playing the game step by step, instead opting to just watch a video on this alternative ending, which showed there was an optional hard boss to take on, but I don’t think it actually provides any extra meaning to the campaign.

The ending of the main campaign is worthy enough, and I have to say that I did call the secret ending that transpires after the credits. Apparently there are also other secrets to be uncovered which I’m not too sure about. The plot is OK, though I did struggle to understand how a crusader was playing a video game, or had any idea on how to operate a computer. I feel that there are some questions that still needed answering. Overall the game is a very good 2 hour time killer, it really does engage you, the puzzles have a nice learning curve to them, and it manages to avoid feeling repetitive, so really good timing on the developers’ part. It’s been awhile since I lasted played a decent Indie game. The fact that the game was free was also big plus, and I’ll be keeping an eye out in future for other Daniel Mullins games.


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